Aaron Swartz wrote:

There is no justice under these unjust laws.
It’s time to come into the light and, in the grand tradition of civil disobedience, declare our opposition to this private theft of public culture.

We need to take information, wherever it is stored, make our copies and share them with the world. We need to take stuff that’s out of copyright and add it to the archive. We need to buy secret databases and put them on the Web. We need to download scientific journals and upload them to file sharing networks. We need to fight for Guerilla Open Access.

With enough of us, around the world, we’ll not just send a strong message opposing the privatization of knowledge — we’ll make it a thing of the past.

Will you join us?

Last year I had published elsewhere these lines by Aaron Swartz, in the days of his disappearance, to remember him. Now there is this blog here, and it seemed to me the right place to republish the message.
If you don’t have any idea who is Aaron Swartz, well… too bad. There are so many idiots that would be good to ignore, but this guy, you ought to know him. Who he was.

Anyway the net is well aware of him, so you can ask and as usual you will find: his official site, a website in his memory run by his family, an Italian collection of writings, his own ones and others in his memory… There is also a beautiful documentary about him, The Internet’s own boy – released under CreativeCommons license and with subtitles in many languages. Exactly like he would have wantedgo, search, downloadcopy and distributetalk to others, have your say aroundWithout fear.
Although sometimes it seems impossible.

Hi Aaron, Thanks for everything. And forgive us if you can, If we haven’t done more to defend you.