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Digital Youth Work: Dig-It up! is the booklet I wrote together with Joanna Wronska and Raphaela Blassnig in 2017.

It tells what we discovered, studied and learnt during two editions of our training course aimed at youth workers / educators / etc which is actually called Dig-It Up! – inside you can find the training course’s programme, how it is born, the context in which it grew up.

The booklet has been around for a few months already, but I am so dedicated to self-promotion that I hadn’t written about it here yet, so… let’s do it now! 🙂


dig-it up

Writing something with other co-writers wasn’t something that I had done before, neither it was dealing with different schedules, but we made it and the result even ended up in the attachments of another publication, by the Experts Group created by the European Commission on “Risks, opportunities and implications of digitalisation for youth, youth work and youth policy”, among the training materials.

We also included some data and guidelines from the most relevant researches on this topic, starting from EU Kids Online, which we were lectured about by the friend of mine and person in charge for the project in Italy, Giovanna Mascheroni. The research by the way has evolved in Net Children Go Mobile, and it is still going on with new names and features.

The booklet also includes contributions by Alexandra Corbu (Austria), Mariano Montesinos (Spain), Kati Hopiavuori (Finland), Duncan Elliot (UK), Robert Ecker (Austria), Giacomo Frand Genisot (Italy), Vaia Manoli (Greece): they were participants in the last edition and they wrote about their experience and the contribution they gave to the programme. I wish to thank all of them… also for being there with me for such a long time!

The booklet can be downloaded from the official Dig-It Up! website, or you can read it on my Isuu profile.