online youth work tips

Online youth work tools and tips / 2

This is the second episode of a series of posts offering reflections, ideas and tools for moving youth work activities online, in an effective and meaningful way. You can find the first episode here, episode 3 and episode 4 here clicking on their names.If you want to be sure to never miss a post in...

online youth work tips

Online youth work tools and tips / 1

More episodes after this one! Click here for n. 2, n.3 and n.4.If you want to be sure not to miss a post ever in future, you may want to subscribe to this blog and get automatic updates. Online youth work has been an obscure topic for years, with a bunch of weirdos (yes, proud...

A Darksaber in The Mandalorian: a convergent item

A Darksaber in The Mandalorian: a convergent item

There is a Darksaber appearing at the end of first season of The Mandalorian, the new Disney+ Star Wars series set just after Episode VI, and it is just perfect to explain the power of convergence culture once again. If you haven’t (yet) watched The Mandalorian and want to avoid spoilers, or if you have...

smart youth work in tallin

Smart youth work, green screen and slippers.

SomeCamp EU is a training event for youth workers and people active in the youth field, organized by ENTK – the Estonian Youth Work Center, and Verke, in Tallin, Estonia to discuss and share the concept of smart youth work. Set at the Club of Different Rooms, in the hipster gentrified urban regeneration district of...

videogame-based learning

Videogame-based learning on tour

In the last weeks, I was invited to host two workshops about videogame-based learning. The first one was in Pisa, inside the Italian Internet Festival, and the second in Lucca, inside Lucca Comics & Games, the biggest “nerd culture” gathering in Italy (300.000+ people in four days) and one of the biggest in Europe. Obviously,...

Convergence culture, Umberto Eco and Star Wars :)

Convergence culture, Umberto Eco and Star Wars :)

Convergence culture is the key-concept explored by Henry Jenkins in his crucial book dating back to 2006. Jenkins finally helped a lot to explain why popular culture (as in comics, fan fictions, blockbuster movies etc… and videogames, of course) is having such an impact in shaping our general attitude everyday, and how this impact could be used in a positive,...


Streaming videogames are in da house!

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I have seen the future of videogames, and it’s streaming πŸ˜€ There has been a lot of buzz online about it lately, after the announcement of Google game-streaming service Stadia. Among the other big players, Apple still seems to be out of the games πŸ˜€ as the announced Apple Arcade service will be open since...

notre dame

Notre Dame of the Assassin’s Creed

The huge fire that affected Notre Dame cathedral in Paris yesterday evening has finally been stopped by the effort of Paris fire brigade. While what has been saved and lost after the fire is still uncertain, and the inquiry about the possible causes of the fire has just started, the biggest discussion now is about...

HOP podcast

HOP Online learning: I am on podcast again!

HOP Online Learning is a platform created by the European SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Center. HOP is all about online learning, e-learning and the likes of it: they promote online learning in many different ways and are very active in spreading news and insight on new ways and trends in learning. HOP has...

bandersnatch netflix

Bandersnatch: a real storytelling revolution?

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I had just finished to write a post in the Italian section of the blog, about the interactive cartoon Minecraft: story mode on Netflix, and the streaming platform started promoting nothing less than a Black Mirror interactive episode: Bandersnatch. Even without spoiling anything – but how to spoil something which has so many possible stories...

Tool Fair

Empowered to empower: a Tool Fair Talk… and more

The European tool fair was created 12 years ago already by Salto Youth Euromed and Good Practices resource centre, as a chance for exchanging Learning Tools and practices and reflecting together on the potential of non formal education. It generated a lot of documents, publications, materials, tools and reflections, later collected in the Educational Tools...

digital youth work

Future forecast: digital youth work

Fortune tellers –  or future tellers, even worse, always struggle with that question: how everything will look like in some years? I wrote an article for issue #26 of Coyote magazine, starting exactly from here, and talking digital youth work. Coyote is the webzine of the Youth Partnership between EU and Council of Europe (which, despite the name, is...

apple ii europlus

Retro computing is not retro

Retro as I was 11, maybe 12, at the time. It was Italy in the glittering 80’s. Maybe it was for a long and suffered adolescence about to come, but the worst decade ever in my life, I swearβ€Šβ€”β€Šexcept for computers. retro. Italy had just won its first soccer world cup in 50 years, a...