If you find my posts interesting, if you come back gladly to read new ones, or you just ended up here by chance: thank you!

Time and efforts behind Handshaking are no joke, so if you want to show even a little appreciation, you have many different ways to do it – starting with free ones (not involving your money, anyway!) to end up with classic get-my-money proposals.

Not involving your money:


you can  install the Brave browser through this link – you will find it a great browser with a lot of privacy-control options, ad-blockers etc and an effort to tip online content creators with their BAT criptocurrency, generated by the time you spend on different websites (this one on top, right? 😀 ) ; you do not spend a dime, get a great software for free, and I get a bat-tip from them in my bat-wallet 😉


if you are using Brave already, you can donate with Brave just clicking on the triangle icon on the right of the address bar, besides the lion icon. In this way you will be able to share with me an amount (of your choice) of BAT, generated by your browser while reading my posts and other, less important stuff on the internet.

Actually involving your money:


donate with Patreon – a platform created for this purpose: supporting online content creators, where you may get exclusive content, more involvement, more engagement in what I do here. 


and of course a classic: donate with Paypal – the easiest, fastest way to send me a few bucks for a coffee or a beer somewhere!