HOP Online Learning is a platform created by the European SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Center. HOP is all about online learning, e-learning and the likes of it: they promote online learning in many different ways and are very active in spreading news and insight on new ways and trends in learning.

HOP has a podcast on the same topic, and we met in Split during the last European Tool Fair, where I was doing a whole lot of things, as I described in my post 😀 , and they presented their new website to host e-learning courses related to Erasmus+ topics.

Their e-learning platform is still unavailable to visitors as I write, but the preview we had the possibility to see in Split is very interesting and promising.

I have to say that I do not have experience of designing and producing e-learning opportunities so far, but I am a big fan of e-learning and an avid consumer of many e-learning platforms.

With HOP staff, we had the chance for a little chat about the upcoming Dig-it Up! training course (next May in Cyprus… application is still open on SALTO-Youth website for a few days!) and about HOP’s core-topic of e-learning training courses. It was my second time on podcast after the interview for the Digital Youth Work Sessions and I hope I said something relevant… but as always you should go check yourself!

Here is the recording: